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Founded by Photographer Sandeep Biswas, Grayscale is a new beginning and an effort to create a collective of creative professionals, take their knowledge to the people in various places within the country. We are committed to bringing a good and a sincere platform for anyone who aspires to learn or even just understand the nuances of photography. Over time we look to even introduce various other creative mediums and collaborate with various creative professionals. The idea is to create more awareness towards the visual language through real experiences rather than just teach by the book. Our goal is to get you some of the best people from the creative world, and share the best of their knowledge. This is a small step towards a much bigger idea. We do not aim to just become another school, but to try and make a the slightest difference possible. We are open to any new idea and welcome any suggestion. Kindly do visit our contact page to connect with us on any suggestion and requirement and we shall definitely get back to you.