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Mar 12, 2019
About our next workshop at Ahmedabad

Grayscale moves next to Ahmedabad. We will be holding an intensive workshop on Visual Story Telling on 29,30 and 31 March 2019. We hope to take our second step to another level. Sharing with you our idea behind this workshop and hope to work along with a few upcoming good talented photography enthusiasts during these 3 days.

Register now, limited seats available.

The workshop will focus on understanding the meaning behind one's individual images and how a group of such images can create an individual expression and become even more meaningful within one’s visual storytelling.

We all take pictures and want to break out of random imagery in search of a cohesive visual storytelling project, which helps us in many ways discover a world we wish to explore. We spend a substantial amount of time in search of our personal understanding of the subject, may it be a thematic documentary an issue or a contextual approach to one’s visual language.

Images always happen as we search for them, they come our way and they are made. We end up working on a large number of images as we evolve with the endless process of discovering and rediscovering our subject which finds us many ways to perceive it, while our relationship with our subject grows.

This is a process that gives us our freedom to create, yet we need clarity to express our story and language to our audience.

Our learning during this workshop will be the hardest part of the final storytelling. The final challenge will be in looking at everything we have put together over time and choosing only the right images, create the best link from the beginning to the end and understanding the process of self-critique.

This workshop will discuss your own personal style.

the workshop would help develop the statement of your work and embody your goals and expectations in photography.