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Mar 17, 2019
Online Exhibition - Sudharak Olwe - VASA Project - Curated by Sandeep Biswas

For the last year, I have been associated with VASA, an online media centre for media studies.

The VASA mission is to provide an internet platform for disseminating the work of theorist and image makers on a global scale. The VASA community shares an interest in media studies, photography, film/video and sound.

To meet its mission, VASA supports online curated exhibitions; film/video screenings; the Journal on Images and Culture; The VASA Front Page and other projects.

During the last few months I have been associated with them, I have had the opportunity to work with established and upcoming photographers and photography based artists. I have curated 2 Front Page Projects and 1 Exhibition.

Presenting my first online exhibition as a curator with VASA by eminent photographer Sudharak Olwe below. 

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You are invited to an Online VASA exhibition

Sudharak Olwe

In Search of Dignity and Justice

© Sudharak Olwe from "Thrice Oppressed"

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The VASA exhibition by Indian photographer Sudharak Olwe includes two portfolios and videos directed or filmed by Olwe. 

Sudharak Olwe’s work addresses the marginalized people of India.  He addresses violence against woman in “Thrice Oppressed” and in “The Search for Dignity and Justice: The untold story of Mumbai’s conservancy workers” the dehumanizing conditions of the sweepers of Bombay. 

The exhibition includes a number of videos focused on improving the lives of marginal villagers, education and health conditions.  One video is from the TED series where Olwe discusses his work with the context of social justice.

A curatorial essay by Sandeep Biswas provides a rich context for understanding Olwe’s work and commitment to photography and social justice. 

Curator: Sandeep Biswas

* VASA wishes to welcome Sandeep Biwas to our international curatorial team.

Sudharak Olwe from "Search of Dignity and Justice"

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VASA Online Exhibitions are the result of the effort of various curators, artist, and photographers. Exhibition Archives may be accessed on the VASA site.

All VASA exhibitions are archived for future access.

VASA is an online center for media studies 
with a focus on photography, film, video and digital media arts.

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VASA Programs include Exhibitions, Journal on Images and Culture,
Video Series, Witness Ukraine, Front Page Project

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